Superior Customer Service in the Hair Transplant Industry

Superior Customer Service in the Hair Transplant Industry

Unlike years ago when a doctor would take their time with their patients, today’s medical industry has become a rushed service like many others.  Busy practices offer only 5-10 minutes of doctor-patient time.  Not only does this not give enough time to assess a patient’s health level and offer a solution for improvement, much less it fails to present a platform of kindness, patience and getting to know ones patients.  This leaves patients feeling like a number instead of a person.

In the hair restoration industry, there is a great deal of information to be shared with prospective patients.  In order to properly educate and inform a patient, one needs at least an hour’s time to warm up to the patient, let the patient express their concerns and leave enough time to explain the options the patient has to regain their hair.  National companies with large overhead expenses shuffle patients in and out every 30-40 minutes in order to “jam” as many patients as possible into a days work.  This results in treating this profession as a numbers game instead of offering quality appointments for patients to feel valued and cared for.

Hair Transplants of Florida, located in southwest Florida and servicing the Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island and Sarasota areas, is dedicated to delivering superior patient service.  From the moment a prospective patient calls for their appointment, comes in for their Free Consultation, decides to have a hair transplant procedure and is cared for during their follow-up appointments…he or she is treated with respect and patience.  Consultations are given a two-hour window in order to not make a patient feel rushed.  Unlike medical offices that lose contact once a patient has had their procedure, at Hair Transplants of Florida, a patient is still cared for well beyond their surgery date.  “We actually feel our relationship with our patients begin when the patient has their procedure.  We keep in touch with them and monitor their results in order to assure they each obtain their hair restoration goals,” states Jose Schmidt, Patient Services Director.

The magic formula to stand out in today’s rushed medical industry is to combine old-school service with today’s latest technology.  “We have built our practice on the principle of treating and respecting our patients as we’d like to be treated and respected.  As simple as it may seem, this has allowed us to build relationships with our patients, thus creating a long-lasting relationship,” states Dr. Joseph Gallagher, Hair Restoration Specialist with Hair Transplants of Florida.


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