Marta’s Success Story – Women’s Hair Restoration

/Marta’s Success Story – Women’s Hair Restoration
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Marta Before and After Results Women's Hair Replacement at Hair Transplants of FloridaMy hair loss story goes back to my father and uncle both suffering from hair loss. Unfortunately, I got the hair loss gene from them and it resulted in aggressive women’s hair loss in my frontal hairline. No matter how I would brush my hair, I could never hide my hair loss, which made me feel terrible.

I first learned about Hair Transplants of Florida by coming across their billboard. I called and scheduled a consultation and felt very good after receiving the information involved. At first I was expecting to wait a year to have the surgery, but then decided to not wait and took advantage of their cosmetic loan which allowed me to pay it off little by little.

Nine months have gone by and my hair is growing back. I am so excited to be able to start wearing my hair in different styles and having options. I know men are happy to get their hair back but to me being a woman it’s that much more important. I met with Jose in my follow up and I still have another 3 months of growth and improvement to go. I’m already very happy with my results and can’t wait to get more hair in a few months.

Marta Before and After Results 2If you are not happy with hair loss like I was, go in for a consultation. Jose will take the time to show you what is involved. They never pressured me but instead took their time to teach me every step of the way. I’m very glad I did this and you will be too!


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