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Florida Eyebrow Hair Transplants.
Come to the experts in eyebrow hair transplantation, serving Naples, Fort Myers, Tampa and Orlando.

Both Men and Women suffer from eyebrow hair loss.  Whether it’s from over plucking of eyebrows, which damages hair follicles and stops them from producing hair, or from degenerative hair loss, patients throughout Florida and the US turn to Dr. Samuel Botta at Hair Transplants of Florida to get their eyebrows back!

Dr. Samuel Botta is a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon with over 25 years of hair transplants surgery experience.  He has personally performed over 12,000 hair transplant surgeries, including hundreds of eyebrow procedures.  Whether it’s complete eyebrows or half eyebrows, as found in most men, Dr. Botta delivers natural and affordable eyebrow transplants procedures.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Before photo
Naples Eyebrow Transplants
Eyebrow Transplant Before After Photo Naples FL

After the eyebrow transplant surgery grows in, you can see the results look totally natural.

In this particular case shown above, our patient John was suffering from degenerative eyebrow hair loss from mid point out on both eyebrows.  This is very common in male patients and can be rectified with a simple eyebrow procedure.

John states, “this is something that has bothered me for years.  Every time I would look in the mirror, my attention would go to my imperfect eyebrows and it really bothered me.”

As a result, John turned to Hair Transplants of Florida and Dr. Botta’s expertise in order to get his full eyebrows back.

“I am thrilled with my results and I no longer constantly stare at my eyes…now I enjoy my new eyebrows and so does my wife. It was the best investment I ever made.”

The photos below show another case with a female patient with thinning or missing hair in her eyebrows.  These photos were taken just after the surgery so you can see how the transplanted eyebrow hairs are arranged and artfully angled to fill in thin spots and match the natural eyebrow hairs.  There is a lot of artistic skill that goes into doing a high quality hair transplant…. especially in the eyebrows.

Eyebrow restoration Naples Florida
Eyebrow Transplant Surgery Photo Naples FL

If you have thinning eyebrows, patchy eyebrows, or missing eyebrows, call Hair Transplants of Florida, for a free, no-pressure educational consult to evaluate your options.  You don’t have to live with painted on eyebrows any longer.  Real, natural hair eyebrows are possible!

Just give us a call at 855-855-4310