Quality Hair Transplants Results in Naples, Florida

//Quality Hair Transplants Results in Naples, Florida

Quality Hair Transplants Results in Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida is known as one of the most famous spots to relax and enjoy the beaches.  But it also has many places to visit such as historical Tin City, take a boat tour, visit the Naples zoo or shop til you drop at the huge Naples mall or upscale shops.

But Naples, Florida is also known for its cosmetic surgery options.  Any type of cosmetic surgery you may be looking to have…you can find the right surgery in Naples, Florida.  That brings up the question:  if you needed a heart surgery, would you choose a dermatologist to perform your procedure?  If you needed orthopedic surgery, would you choose a nose specialist?  Finally, if you needed to have your hair restored, would you choose a plastic surgeon that specialized on noses or breasts?  It’s obvious the answer to all of these questions is NO!!!

In Naples, the clinic to count on for hair restoration surgery is Hair Transplants of Florida.  Why?  Because we dedicate ourselves to one thing…and one thing only…Hair Restoration.  Dr. Samuel Botta, a board certified surgeon with over 25 years of hair restoration surgery experience, has performed over 11,000 hair restoration surgeries and is the “GO TO” hair specialist in Naples, Florida.  There are several cosmetic surgeons in the SW Florida area who have added hair restoration surgery to their plethora of services, but they are not specialists.  Our biggest recommendation is if you’re going to move forward and have your hair restored, do it right the first time and count on a hair specialist and supportive staff that perform hair restoration surgeries over and over again.

Hair Restoration Before After Photos  

We don’t charge for a consultation like most surgeons do in Naples and you don’t have to bother driving across the state either.  We offer a private complimentary consultation where we explain the procedure in detail, we show you numerous before and after pictures of our patients and you receive an analysis of your personal case from Dr. Botta.

So if you’re interested in getting your hair back and doing it right from the start, give us a call at 239-277-9000
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