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Watch Videos of a Hair Transplant Procedure

Learn what the day of hair transplant surgery is like by viewing these short videos.  The Hair Transplants of Florida Patient Education Director is also a patient!  Watch Jose as he gets a supplemental hair transplant procedure in this series of videos.  (Nothing gory. 🙂  )

Jose has chosen the FUT procedure to help provide more fullness along his hairline.  These 7 videos were recorded throughout the various phases of the hair restoration procedure.  This will give you an excellent understanding of the process of getting hair transplants in Orlando, Tampa, Fort Meyers or our other locations.  You will see that the procedure is not at all painful, and the staff is very concerned about making the hair restoration process as pleasant as possible for all patients.

If you are curious what it would really be like to get a hair transplant, watch the 7 short videos below and you will have an excellent idea of what to expect for your procedure.

Make sure to watch to the end to see a special offer!