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Alejandro’s Success Story – Orlando Hair Restoration PatientMedical hair replacement therapy success story at Hair Transplants of Florida

At Hair Transplants of Florida, our most important goal it to guide our patients down the right path.  Although most patients require hair transplant surgery to make a cosmetic improvement, some patients can get away with medical therapy for hair loss (Propecia, Minoxidil and/or Laser Therapy).

This is the case of our patient Alejandro.  A year ago, this patient was thinning in the frontal area.  We recommended trying therapy first to see what type of improvement the patient would make.  Propecia is normally recommended for the mid to crown areas, but does help a small number of patients in the frontal.  After using Propecia consistently, Alejandro made enough improvement to not require hair transplant surgery at the moment and is happy with his results.

Alejandro states, “I would like to express my appreciation to Hair Transplants of Florida for having guided me on the right path to prevent my hair loss situation. I have been amazed to see how after one (1) year of a non-expensive treatment my hair has grown back up in the area I need it the most. Personally, I felt very happy and I have recovered most of my self-esteem I had somehow lost.

Finally, Hair Transplants of Florida’s professionalism and customer service makes a huge difference in the Hair Transplant market.

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