Grimaldo’s Hair Transplant Audio Testimonial

//Grimaldo’s Hair Transplant Audio Testimonial

Grimaldo’s Hair Transplant Audio Testimonial

Hair Transplant Repair

Before and After shows how HTOF finally gave Grimaldo the natural look he always wanted. Click Here to listen to a 60 second testimonial from Grimaldo.

Twenty-five years ago, a young man in his early twenties was tormented by his hair loss. Being an avid weight lifter, Grimaldo always took care of his physique and appearance. Losing his hair was a devastating experience for him, more so considering he couldn’t do anything about it himself. He visited a hair doctor back then with the hopes of getting his hair back. What should’ve been an exciting and successful experience turned out to be a 25-year long frustration.

Hair transplant results were not very natural looking at all back then. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) punches were used to extract hair and transplanted in bunches of 20-25 hairs, thus leaving a very unnatural result considering our hair does not grow in these size bunches (only in 1-2-3-4 hairs per unit). In addition, the artistic skill of the surgeon who performed Grimaldo’s hair transplant was not very advanced, to say the least.

This experience took Grimaldo down a spiraling and frustrating path. Since his results were not very natural looking, he would wear a baseball cap everywhere he went. This of course limited his social outings, not to mention his romantic life. He always felt the way he looked from neck up…did not match how great he looked from neck down.

Click Here to listen to a 60 second testimonial from Grimaldo.

After living in Naples, Florida as a successful builder, Grimaldo reached out to the team at Hair Transplants of Florida, located in Fort Myers, Florida. Jose Schmidt, Dr. Gallagher’s patient advisor, spent time with Grimaldo explaining the differences between current hair transplantation techniques and their related results compared to those of twenty-five years ago. Dr. Gallagher also spent time with this patient, explaining in detail that the procedure would entail a two-prong approach: first to disperse the pluggy look while also giving the patient as much density as possible.

When Grimaldo had his procedure and returned for suture removal two weeks later, he came into the office not wearing his baseball cap, a first in 25 years. Four months later, he sent us a picture of his early results, already showing an impacting difference…not to mention he has an additional eight months of growth ahead of him. Grimaldo states,” I am thrilled with the change this procedure has caused. I feel like a free man now being able to get rid of my cap. My girlfriend loves my new look and I feel like I’m myself again after 25 years.”

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