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  1. Hair Transplant Specialists: Our team dedicates itself to one thing…and one thing only…Hair Transplantation! Unlike other clinics that perform hair restoration procedures (part-time) as a way of increasing their revenue, we have been involved, exclusively, in the industry for over 25 years!
  1. Natural Undetectable Results:With so many years of continuous training and thousands of hair procedures under our belt, we deliver natural, undetectable results. No one should know you’ve had a hair transplant procedure unless you tell them. Even then, they’ll never believe it!
  1. Extensive Team Experience: The surgery Team at Hair Transplants of Florida has numerous years of experience in the hair transplant industry.Each technician was handpicked by our doctors due to their years of experience and quality of work.
  1. Comfortable, Non-Pressured Consultation:We offer our patients a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere, making our patients to feel relaxed and learn about the details involved, allowing them to make an informed decision. We educate our patients on everything to do with their hair loss and how to get it back. We don’t just “sell” them a surgery.
  1. Offer Both FUE and FUT: We are greatly skilled in both FUE and FUT. We offer our patients information about both harvesting techniques and recommend the method that most benefits each patient.
  1. Exclusive Attention to Each Patient:We show our patients respect by offering them full attention during their procedure. We deliver one procedure at a time…allowing more attention to detail.
  1. State of the Art Facility and Technology: Hair Transplants of Florida is proud of our office setting, which offers our patients a comfortable and relaxed setting. Our investment in the latest equipment also allows our patients to receive the best possible results!
  1. Commitment to Safety: Although hair transplantation is a skin-deep procedure, it doesn’t stop being one. Therefore, we take a great deal of care in offering a clean and safe atmosphere for our patients.We wash our patients’ hair before and after their procedure and make sure all team members wear safety gear, including surgery caps and gowns, masks, gloves and booties (shoe covers).
  1. Supportive Follow Up Service:We always make a point of calling our patient the night of their procedure to make sure they are doing fine. We feel a patient’s surgery day is not the end of our relationship, but the beginning. Therefore, we set up 4-8-12 months follow-up appointments to make sure and keep track of their progress.
  1. Results Guaranteed: We are very proud of the results we offer our patients. As a vow to our patients, we guarantee results by replacing any follicles that don’t grow at no extra charge to our patients.

If you are considering a hair transplant procedure for the first time, give us the opportunity to make it a smooth and successful experience for you. If you have already had a procedure and didn’t receive the results, attention or experience you were expecting…let us make things right for you!

Hair Transplants of Florida serves clients from all over the country! If you are flying in, please contact us and we’ll help coordinate your accommodations and make sure your stay in Florida is one to remember.

We serve clients from all over Florida, including Tampa, Naples, Sarasota and all the places in between. With a free initial consultation via Skype or Face Time, we can set appointment times that work for your schedule and make it truly worth your time to come to us for the best available hair restoration services in Florida.

CALL US NOW at 239-277-9000 to schedule your FREE Consultation!