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Surgical Hair Replacement works for African American Hair when done by the clinical experts at Hair Transplants of Florida
My appearance has always been very important to me. I’m a very hard working person and felt it was time to invest in myself. I found Hair Transplants of Florida on Google. Went in for a consultation and met with Jose. He explained what was involved in the hair procedure. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t go back and forth deciding to do something so I immediately put a deposit and scheduled my surgery in June 2015.
It’s been a full year now since my surgery and I’m very happy with my results. Before I noticed my hair line was pushing back more and more and I was also losing hair in my crown. This made me feel older than I am and it just didn’t go with me. My results are great! I am so happy to look the way I did instead of seeing myself age. I am very happy I invested in myself. Considering how hard I work, I feel I deserved the investment of looking my best.
Thank you for my great results!

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