Hair Transplant Experts

Hair Transplant Experts

As important as Location, Location, Location is in real estate…so is Specialist, Specialist, Specialist in the hair restoration industry. Hair transplantation is probably the most important of all cosmetic procedures since it’s results are front and center in our appearance and help to frame our face, which is where we and those that look at us focus our site on. As a result, it is very important that you choose a hair specialist when considering any type of hair restoration option (therapy, surgery or both).

Hair Transplants of Florida focuses on One Thing…and One Thing Only…Hair Restoration! Unlike other clinics who offer a plethora of services and offer hair restoration (part-time) as a way of increasing their revenue, our medical team has solely dedicated their careers for over 25 years to helping patients get their hair back. Our biggest recommendation to those considering hair restoration is take your time and do your research.

Here are a few imperative questions to ask a hair doctor you may be considering:

  • How long has the hair surgeon you’re considering been performing hair transplant procedures? How many hair transplantation surgeries have they personally (not the organization they work for) performed?
  • Is he/she a board certified surgeon?
  • Is the doctor affiliated with The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and how many years have they attended their conferences (some “hair doctors” pay for membership to ISHRS just to put their logo on their websites to impress prospective patients but never attend, and much less learn, from their ongoing educational conferences).
  • Does he/she personally harvest the donor (whether FUE or FUT) and make the sites where the grafts are to placed? Many non-hair specialists hire an entire crew to perform the entire surgery. Although hair technicians play a vital role in a hair procedure, it is illegal for them to cut into skin. Per Florida’s Medical Board, this can only be done by a licensed medical doctor.

We guarantee you the information you’ll receive during your consultation with us will allow you to make an informed decision (whether you choose us or another hair specialist clinic), which will lead you towards a successful hair restoration experience.

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