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Raul before and after hair transplant Florida 1“This is my experience and results the team at Hair Transplants of Florida, located in Fort Myers, Florida.  As a professor in Cuba, I was always in front of big groups of students and remember always having a great head of hair, which brought me many compliments.  Even looking back at my wedding pictures, I was always proud to see how much hair I had.

However, several years after during a family get together, a cousin of mine took pictures of everyone and I was stunned to see how much hair I had lost.  A few years later, my wife and I, along with my son, migrated to the US.  Every now and then I would return to Cuba to visit my mother and everyone would always ask me what they were doing to me in the US because I kept losing more and more hair. I would never reply to them, but these comments would tear me apart inside. I started realizing that my self-esteem, along with my self-assurance, was declining.  I just didn’t feel like myself anymore when I looked in the mirror.

Then my son decided to have a hair transplant procedure.  One day he told me that I should look into it as well, so I decided to call in for a consultation.  I met with Jose who explained to me the details of the procedure and then Dr. Gallagher, himself, entered the room and gave me his recommendations.  I decided to have my procedure, which was in July/2015.  As you can see the results yourself, I am very happy to have made the decision to have my hair procedure.  It has helped me feel who I really am again and has increased my self-confidence.  In summary, it has allowed me to return to the person I once was.

I just had my 11-month follow up appointment.  Jose took pictures of me and I just can’t believe the comparison of how I look now to how I looked when I had lost my hair.  I am also very grateful of how the team followed up with me after the surgery and not just lost touch afterward.  I would recommend to anyone who is suffering from hair loss like I was to call and have a consultation with Jose and and the Hair Transplants of Florida team.  I’m sure you will regain your confidence and feel better about yourself like I do.”

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