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When you are looking for a Florida hair transplant surgeon, it is best to pick a specialist, not a doctor who performs many other procedures and “also” does hair restoration.

At Hair Transplants of Florida, we only do one thing: hair restoration for men and women. And the bottom line is how do the results turn out? In addition to the technical skills, there is a certain artistry which must come into play for a truly natural looking result.

Our doctors have that special touch as you can see demonstrated via the before/after photos of these actual hair transplant patients below. If you have any questions, please call us anytime at 239-277-9000 or send us an email at

Hair Transplants of Florida never uses Photoshop, filters, or any retouching software on any of these hair transplant before/after photos. All the photos on our website are unedited, authentic photos of patients before and after hair transplantation. Genuine photos only!  Click Here to see Video Testimonials

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