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Sarasota’s Premiere Hair Restoration Surgeon

Sarasota Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, busy cultural life and world-known yacht club. However, it’s also a west coast midpoint for hair restoration. Patients from Tampa and up the emerald coast…down to Naples and Marco Island, search the entire gulf coast for a hair restoration specialist. However, although there are several options to […]

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Superior Customer Service in the Hair Transplant Industry

Unlike years ago when a doctor would take their time with their patients, today’s medical industry has become a rushed service like many others.  Busy practices offer only 5-10 minutes of doctor-patient time.  Not only does this not give enough time to assess a patient’s health level and offer a solution for improvement, much less […]

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Hair Transplant Experts

As important as Location, Location, Location is in real estate…so is Specialist, Specialist, Specialist in the hair restoration industry. Hair transplantation is probably the most important of all cosmetic procedures since it’s results are front and center in our appearance and help to frame our face, which is where we and those that look at […]

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